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First Data Point of Sale PIN Pad Payment Terminals
First Data offers some of the most flexible payment acceptance options in the industry, allowing merchants around the world access to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) payment solutions to meet their business needs. We have relationships with all major credit card and debit card companies, including VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB® and STAR®. We can provide Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), and have relationships with Fleet Card vendors. We offer competitive rates, transaction security, flexible billing and timely, accurate reporting options. We also offer solutions with a variety of connectivity options, such as wireline, wireless and IP.

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First Data FD-10 Pin Pan
First Data FD-10 (PCI) PIN Pad Terminal

Our Price: $75.90

The First Data™ FD-10 PIN pad is the perfect solution for merchants looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit, EBT and other Personal Identification Number (PIN) based transactions. Easily connecting to a variety of point-of-sale (POS) terminals and electronic cash registers (ECRs), the First Data FD-10 PIN pad offers a fast, simple way to accept the latest in PIN-based payments.

First Data FD-50 FD50 PIN Pad Terminal
First Data FD-50 (PCI) PIN Pad Terminal

Our Price: $181.50

The First Data FD50 terminal allows a merchant to accept virtually every payment option, including PIN-secured and signature debit cards and credit cards, plus gift/loyalty cards. With the addition of optional peripheral equipment, the FD50 terminal can also accept contactless payments, electronic benefits transfer (EBT) and checks using TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) or paper solutions.

The FD50 terminal also offers the optional Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service from First Data, providing international customers the option to pay in their credit card currency.

First Data FD-100 FD100

First Data FD-100 (PCI) PIN Pad Terminal

Our Price: $368.50

The First Data FD-100 terminal is an affordable all-in-one terminal solution
that combines performance, security, reliability and ease of use into a lowcost, feature-rich device. It delivers superior transaction processing and by using newer technologies, the FD-100 delivers a safe, secure Internet Protocol (IP)/dial-up terminal platform compatible with many standard peripherals. All of this performance provides you maximum versatility at an affordable price.

First Data FD-200 FD200 PIN Pad Terminal
First Data FD-200 (PCI) PIN Pad Terminal

Our Cost: $522.50

The First Data™ FD200 terminal virtually eliminates the need to use several devices to process different forms of payment. Through Wi-Fi (optional), Internet protocol (IP) or dial-up communications, it quickly and securely processes transactions. It features an advanced, built-in check reader/imager to support the TeleCheck® ECA® and lockbox services, including warranty and verification options. Both TeleCheck services help reduce the risk of accepting paper checks and save time by eliminating the need to physically take checks to the bank for deposit and processing. Such services also help protect consumers´ personal information, as their check is returned to them at the POS.

First Data FD-300 FD300 Touch Screen Terminal
First Data FD-300 (PCI) Multi-Merchant Touchscreen Terminal

Dual Com: $504.90

The First Data™ FD300 terminal is an ideal solution for operations that need to keep track of sales from separate businesses housed at the same location. Its multi-merchant capability allows the merchant to conveniently designate which business the sale is applied to at the time of purchase, all with one point-of-service terminal. The merchant still receives a single, easy-to-read statement, but each transaction is designated by the specific business.

The FD300 terminal accepts virtually all payment options, including Visa®, MasterCard®, Diners Club®, American Express® and Discover® Network*. The large, intuitive, color touch-screen interface is easy to understand, reducing training time and user errors. Transactions take just seconds through the Internet protocol (IP) connectivity, with dial-up as a backup. It provides outstanding performance, reliability and security for high-volume, multi-user merchants.

First Data FD-500 FD400 Wireless PIN Pad Terminal

First Data FD-400 (PCI) Wireless PIN Pad Terminal

Our Price: $599.50

The FD400 terminal is light and ergonomically shaped for true mobility and flexibility. It utilizes 3G technologies (GPRS, GSM) for multiple options to
connect wirelessly, which means you'll be getting the fastest data wireless transmissions and more coverage area for your business. The multi-application platform supports a full range of payment and value-added services. It provides fast, efficient downloads while meeting MasterCard® POS Terminal Security (PTS) requirements.

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