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Panini wI:DEAL
Check Scanner

With Franker Version: $515.00

InkJet Version: $549.00

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Panini, the leader in check capture technology, is continuing its tradition of innovation with the introduction of the Panini WI:DEAL Multi-Format Capture Device. Extending and leveraging the superior design of the I:Deal® check scanner, the Panini wI:Deal is an enhanced version that supports all the features of the I:Deal for unsurpassed check processing performance while adding a complete document automation capability. The Panini wI:Deal allows you to scan full-page documents (including envelopes) and rigid documents, such as ID cards and driver’s licenses.

A check scanner and more
The Panini wI:Deal is the perfect solution for companies that need to accurately scan checks and associated documents for a complete payment transaction capture solution. Applications include virtual (or distributed) lockbox, small business remote deposit capture, and vertical industry payment applications including healthcare, insurance, transportation and more. It’s also a great solution for capturing a variety of document types at the bank branch platform desk or teller station.

  • Features
  • Specifications
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  • Warranty
  • True multi-document-format capture capability: uniquely designed to automate check capture and the capture of associated documents, the Panini wI:Deal extends the value of remote deposit capture (RDC) with a complete document automation solution
  • Preserves true check processing functionality (and related security) while enabling anextended array of operations – thus adding value to an extensive range of vertical applications.
  • Continues the Panini tradition of ease of use (e.g., automatic identification of document type and processing mode selection), with a rigorous focus on ergonomics and design promotingconvenience and space efficiency at the user’s desk.
  • Extends Panini’s market-leading I:Deal check scanner platform, incorporating proven quality and reliability and leveraging all the benefits of Check 21.
  • Integration with existing imaging applications is enabled with the inclusion of Panini’s new TWAIN interface.

Physical Specifications
Height: 100mm (3.94")
Depth: 263mm (10.35")
Width: 292mm (11.50")
Weight: 2.5kg (5.5lb)
Product Layout
Positioned on horizontal, level surface.
Straight track.
Clam-shell structure-eas inspection.
Document Specifications
Length: Min.100 mm (3.93”) – Max. 356 mm (14”)
Width: Min. 54 mm (2.12”) – Max. 105 mm (4.13”)
Weight: Min. 70 gr/m2
(18.7 lb) – Max. 120 gr/m2
(32 lb)
Full Page
Length: Min. 100 mm (3.93”) – Max. 356 mm (14”)
Width: Min. 110 mm (4.33”) – Max. 216 mm (8.5”)
Weight: Min. 70 gr/m2
(18.7 lb) – Max. 120 gr/m2
(32 lb)
Rigid Length: Min. 80 mm (3.15”)
Width: Min. 50 mm (1.97”) – Max. 115 mm (4.53”)
Weight: Max. ISO 7811 embossed plastic cards
Document Feeder
Auto-aligning single document feeder.
Automatic loading, document face up.
Automatic document type detection.
Magnetic Reader
Panini MICR Plus exclusive technology with
additional OCR assist feature.
Superior MICR recognition and management.
Image Capture
Scanning: Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology;
dual sided image capture.
Image format: Bitmap in B/W, 256 shades of gray,
TIFF, JPEG and Group IV compression.
Image: Optical resolution 600 DPI, output resolution
of 100/200/300/600 DPI.
Advanced Dynamic Thresholding.
Superior auto calibrated image quality.
Dual image: 4 images plus a maximum of 10
uncompressed snippets per document.
Front-side Franking
Self-inking roll-on stamp, red color.
Intelligent franking (based on codeline contents,
image contents, IQA controls).
Possibility to capture franked front image with an
additional pass.
Virtual Endorsement
Up to 8 different virtual endorsements applicable to
rear document image.
User can select:
– multi-line text and/or bitmap.
– endorsement area (3 pre-defi ned following ANSI
X9 standard for US checks; 5 customizable).
– font and color.
– rotation (0, 90, 180 or 270°).
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed.
Exit pocket capable of holding up to 10 documents
with sequence integrity.
Intelligent sorting to send document to either exit
pocket or back to feeding tray.
Software Tools
Panini Vision API running on:
Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
ICR Vision function for image snippet defi nition
and download.
Easy integration of ICR/Barcode/OCR
recognition technology.
TWAIN interface support for a variety of
imaging applications.
PC Minimum Requirements
Intel Pentium IV, 2 GHz, 512 Megabytes RAM.
Diagnostic Features
On board Diagnostics: tests the functionality of
the scanner.
Power-on Self-Testing: automatic self-testing and
photocells calibration.
Power Supply Input Voltage
Autosensing from 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
36 W.
Meets CEC IV
UL / CAS / FCC Class B / CE
Electronics and mechanics following the European
RoHS and WEEE Directives.

  • Panini wI:DEAL
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • 1 Ink Cartridge
  • 1 Maintenance Cartridge (installed)
  • Power Chord
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Standard Warranty

PC Interface Cables
Item No.
USB 2.0, 6 foot A/B Cable
USB 2.0, 10 foot A/B Cable
Item No.
Ink Cartridges: 3 in a package
CA100443 Franking Roller $26.00 Add
Upgrade From 50 dpm - 100 dpm
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade From 50 dpm - 75 dpm
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade From 75 dpm - 100 dpm
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade Inkjet - FF/SF models
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade AGP1 to AGP2
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade AGP1 to AGP4
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade AGP2 to AGP4
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade
Upgrade From P1 to P2
Panini Check Scanner Upgrade

* Comes with 6 Month Standard Warranty

Item No. Item Price Cart
  • Uplifts standard depot repair warranty to Advance Unit Replacement + adds an additional 1 year AUR
  • Supports all My Vision X Scanner models
  • Uplifts standard depot repair warranty to Advance Unit Replacement + adds an additional 2 years AUR
  • Supports all My Vision X Scanner models
  • Uplifts standard depot repair warranty to Advance Unit Replacement + adds an additional 3 years AUR
  • Supports all My Vision X Scanner models

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