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Purchasing Terms & Conditions

1. We accept credit cards, wire transfers and cashiers checks for payment. If you are purchasing for a government entity within the United States, credit terms can be arranged.

2. If you are purchasing for a Fortune 1000 company and we receive a valid purchase order, the order can be shipped on account (terms are net 15 days). For credit cards, we will call you for the vital information. Just E-mail us your name and telephone number so we can reach you!

3. All prices are stated in U.S. Dollars.

4. Prices and offers are subject to change without notice.

5. Listed prices do not include tax. California State residents and businesses must pay applicable taxes on all items. We also have to collect sales taxes for customers in some other states because some of our distributors are located there.

6. Listed prices do not include shipping or handling and sales taxes.

7. Prices quoted for an order remain valid for 20 days after the date of quotation.

8. The color, design, and specs of items are subject to change by their respective manufacturers. The model received may not be identical to the image on the website.

9. All logos, images, and icons are trademarks of their respective companies/manufacturers. and the advertisements, and logos are trademarks of Archive Index Systems.

10. Your contact information and billing information is kept private. We do not sell your information, it is only used by us to contact you for monthly specials.

WEBSITE DISCLAIMER: Although we try to maintain accurate information, prices, specs, models, and offers are constantly changing. This website is constantly being updated. If you find an error, please bring it to our attention so we can fix it; you can email us at

Design of product is subject to change by manufacturer. Prices and offers are subject to change.
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