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Verifone PIN Pad Terminals
Verifone VX570 Point of Sale Pin Pad Terminal
VX570 PIN Pad
Point of Sale Terminal

Dial: $217.35
Dual 6M no/SC: $315.10
Dual 12M no/SC: $357.65

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The Vx 570 countertop solution takes performance to the next power by combining superior speed and power for quick and reliable payment processing with increased memory to support multiple value-added applications.

The PCI PED approved Vx 570 is a powerful payment solution for merchants worldwide. It is built on VeriFone's acclaimed Vx Solutions platform and provides remarkably fast transactions, plus it has ample memory to support a wide range of value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions.
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • 200 MHz, 32-bit ARM9 processor for exceptionally fast processing
  • Up to 12 MB of memory allows for multi-application capabilities
  • Dial communication module can be upgraded to dial and Ethernet without switching devices
  • Service offerings through VeriFone Connect make it easy for merchants to accept wireless electronic transactions wherever they have a power source
  • Integrated USB technology port allows for secure and easy application downloads from a Flash memory drive
  • Built on the VX Solutions infrastructure and its suite of familiar TCP/IP tools for smooth migration from Omni 3700 solutions
  • Intuitive ATM-style interface, bold menu prompts, larger pixels and white backlit display facilitate use and readability
  • Integrated thermal printer with optional support for paper roll that is 40% larger than the standard size
  • Internal PIN pad supports debit and other PIN-based applications
  • Triple-track, high-coercivity card reader accurately handles most magnetic-stripe cards, including mini-cards
  • Security Access Modules support multiple smart card solutions and offer added data protection for EMV smart card transactions
  • Integrated high-speed thermal printer (18 lines per second) speeds overall transaction times from swipe to print
  • Most recent security, including end-to-end SSL encryption and sophisticated VeriShield file authentication
  • PCI approved for debit and other PIN-based transactions, and has EMV Level 1 and Level 2 Type Approval
  • Application separation at hardware and software levels minimizes or eliminates the need to recertify existing
    payment applications every time an application is added or modified and third-party applications can coexist

Technical Specifications
Model Name
Verifone VX570
Processor 200 MHz ARM9 32-bit RISC microprocessor
6 MB (4 MB of Flash, 2 MB of SRAM) Optional 12 MB (8 MB of Flash, 4 MB of SRAM)
128 x 64 pixel graphical LCD with backlighting; Supports 8 lines x 21 characters
Card Reader
Triple-track (tracks 1, 2, 3), high coercivity, bi-directional
Smart Card (Optional) ISO 7816, 1.8V, 3V, 5V or synchronous and
asynchronous cards; EMV Level 1 and 2
Type Approved
SAM and SIM sockets 1 or 3 Security Access Modules
Keypad 3 x 4 numeric keypad, plus 8 soft-function keys and 4 screen addressable keys; PCI approved
I/O Modules 14.4k modem module; Ethernet and 14.4k modem combination module
Peripheral Ports
One USB 1.1 port supports flash memory devices; Two RS-232 ports support peripherals including PIN pads and check readers; One telco port and one Ethernet (with
Ethernet/14.4 I/O module) support communications
Integrated thermal printer with graphics capabilities, 18 lines per second, 24 or 32 columns, standard paper roll 58 mm (2.25 in.) x 25M, single ply; Optional large paper
roll 58 mm x 35M
Standard 14.4k bps modem supporting
Bell 103/212a, CCITT
(300/1200/2400/9600/14400 bps) and HC
Fast Connect for 1200 bps.
Protocols Application selects between asynchronous
protocols (Visa 1, Visa 2, and others) and
synchronous protocols (including ISO
Security SSL v3.0, 3DES encryption, Master/Session
and DUKPT key management; VeriShield
file authentication
Physical Length: 209 mm (8 in.); Width: 102 mm
(4 in.); Height: 78 mm (3.07 in.) Weight:
Terminal/750 g (1.65 lbs.), Full
shipping/1,377 g (3.03 lbs.)

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